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Welcome to Casa Coatepeque 5-10, the dream house of me, your host Alejandro. I grew up in the town of Coatepeque before emigrating to the United States shortly before the Civil War erupted in El Salvador in the late 1970s. My wife, Karen, who was born and grew up in Minnesota, joins me in welcoming you to our home! 


Casa Coatepeque 5-10 is a home built and designed with passion and love for El Salvador and Coatepeque. The original idea was to built a small place where to come for vacations but little by little our vacation house became bigger and bigger. We hope you find the home as comfortable, welcoming and relaxing and our family does.

All of the rooms in Casa Coatepeque have AC, wifi, and hot water. We have done all possible to meet the needs of our guests and want you feel at home when you visit our casa.

Casa Coatepeque 5-10 is made up of two independent houses with a courtyard and a covered corredor between them. As our guest, you can reserve the entire second house or one of the four bedrooms in the second house. The kitchen, one of the living rooms and a fourth bathroom are located in the main house, which is accessible to our guests whenever they want.


A minimum three-day stay is required. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen has all everything you need to cook and enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables. You will find a coffee bar, equipped with coffee makers and some El Salvadoran coffee, which we make sure each guests find ready for them. 

House #2

Casa Coatepque is made up of two houses -- the main house (#1) where the kitchen is located and house #2, which you see in the picture on the left. House #2 has four bedrooms and two and half baths and a terrace where you can relax. A courtyard divides the two homes, which are just steps away. If it's raining, a covered walkway protects you from getting wet as you walk between the two houses. 

The Houses

In the pictures to the right, you can see two different views of the two houses that are part of Casa Coatepeque. You can rent one or two of the houses. The picture on the left is of House #2, while the picture on the right is of the courtyard that divides the houses. 


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