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Casa Coatepeque 5-10 is modern facility with all the amenities you need when you are away from home. It is in the picturesque colonial town of Coatepeque, located just thirty five minutes from San Salvador.  The property consists of two independent houses, connected by a courtyard and a corredor. You can rent the entire second house or just a room; the main house is where the kitchen is located, as well as a living room and a bathroom. Guests have access to the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom in the main house, whenever they want.

Visiting and staying at Casa Coatepeque 5-10, you will enjoy its warming people, colonial architecture, nearby family aquatic parks, hiking trails and one of the most beautiful lake in Central America, Lago Coatepeque. In fact, Coatepeque is the town of the lake located just five kilometers from the heart of the pueblo.

If hiking is your passion, the Amatepec and Izalco volcanoes are a ride away. You are in for the most amazing hiking experience you will ever have. Daily scheduled hikes to the volcanos with a professional guide can be arranged for a small fee. Our recommendation is to take the hike during week days, but if you do not mind the crowds and want to meet people, weekends are perfect as well.

So, go ahead and book a room or the complete house for a few days, a week, two week or whatever time you need as long your stay is more than three days as that is the minimum requirement. 



Casa Coatepeque 5-10 es una moderna casa con todo lo usted necesita para una cómoda estadía. La casa se encuentra en el pueblo del lago de Coatepeque a treinta cinco minutos de la capital de San Salvador.

Al visitar Coatepeque y quedarse en casa 5-10, usted disfrutará de su gente, arquitectura colonial, parques acuaticos, senderismo, pero los mas bello es el Lago Coatepeque a cinco kilómetros del pueblo del lago.


Además, los volcanes de Amatepec e Izalco se localizan a una corta distancia por autobús o auto. Los volcanes ofrecen una experiencia inolvidable. Guías professionals le atenderán muy bien por una pequeña cuota. Los guías son parte del sistema de parques nacionales. Nuestra recomendación es visitarlos durante dias de semana pero si te gusta conocer gente o no te preocupan multitudes, fines de semanas son perfecto ya que el ambiente por los general son más activos gastronómicamente.


Asi es que, reserva la casa entera, un cuarto, dos, lo que usted desea o gusta por tres dias, cuatro, una semana o más, ya que la reservación mínima es de tres días.


Enjoy the House


Relax in our roomy living room with a cup of coffee, your favorite book or your favorite drink.

Have A Drink


The corredor between the two homes is another spot where you can enjoy your favorite book or just a relaxing moment. If you want to stretch your legs, you can take a walk down the street and meet locals instead.


Take a Look Around 


Take stroll and walk to the colonial church from the 16th century.


Maybe you're wondering why you should come to Coatepeque. There are many reasons why you should! Here are just a few:


  1. Take the bus or pay an Uber to one of the most beautiful lakes in Central America, Lake Coatepeque.

  2. Meet the friendly local El Salvadorans doing their daily jobs and errands.

  3. Enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables that you can buy from local vendors.

  4. Try traditional Salvadorean dishes such as the famous pupusas and more.

  5. Get on the bus and take a trip to the seconds largest city of El Salvador, Santa Ana, just eight miles away.

  6. In Santa Ana, visit local restaurants and different cuisines such Argentinian, Japanese or Chinese.

  7. Take a hike on the country's highest volcano, Amatepec, or the lighthouse of Central America, the majestic Izalco volcano.

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